Island Of Monkeys In Vietnam

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If you ever have the possibility to visit the exotic city of Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam, plan an optional trip to the Island of the Monkeys.

Island Of Monkeys In Vietnam

This small island and is around 60 km from the city center. You can go there by an organized transportation, but it would be the best to travel like all locals – on a motorcycle that you can rent for small amount of money.

When you arrive there, you can feel strong local spirit. Slightly crazy motorcycles and street salesmen who patiently wait for customers in front of their shops. When you come to the park Lam Vien Gia Khan, which is the most popular place on the island, a monkey will meet you at the entrance. There, you need to be very cautious because these monkeys are stealing everything.

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Because there are many, and because they are monkeys, they can jump and surprise you from above or from behind. They want to take everything they can. They are very quick and intelligent so you should be very careful. On the other hand, if you offer them a food, they will gladly take it even directly from your hands.

If you play with their intelligence, they may attack you, because they know that you provoke them intentionally. In such a case, it is best to be close to one of the guards. These monkeys walk around freely and you can have interaction with them. But, as you move away from the most visited places where there are the many people that often feed them, they become less friendly.

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Otherwise, these monkeys share their eco-environment with 50 crocodiles sleeping in a muddy freshwater located below one wooden bridge. It is not advisable for you to go there.

The park with its forest is protected by UNESCO and is a really interesting place where you can spend unforgettable hours.

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