Interesting Facts About Strawberries

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Especially in this type of the year, strawberries are the most favorite fruit to eat. They can be eaten in several ways. No matter if they are fresh, frozen or combined with ice cream or something, they are still very delicious. Except that, they are also very rich in vitamins and minerals.

For today, we have decided to show you a few facts about strawberries that you probably did not know.

Interesting Facts About Strawberries (1)

1. They are the only fruit which seeds are from the outside

People are saying that one strawberry contains about 200 seeds.

 2. In Belgium there is a museum dedicated to strawberries

It is very interesting and nice museum that you need to visit sometimes. You can buy everything that is from strawberry there.

3. In the past, the ancient Romans believed that strawberries have healing powers

They were used to in treatment for many diseases. If someone used to have a sore throat, the ancient Romans would smash a few strawberries and would make a healing and tasty juice. They were also used against fever, depression, joint problems, etc.

Interesting Facts About Strawberries (2)

4. This plant is permanent

If you plant strawberries today, it cannot give a fruit right away, but when it does, it last for a few years.

5. In France, they are used as a natural aphrodisiac

This belief has left from the old people. So, today, on the wedding, the bride and the groom are served with a delicious cream from strawberries.

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6. In order to keep them more fresh, remove the stem

When you buy strawberries, and if you do not plan to eat them instantly, then do not wash them because it accelerates the rotting. Keep them in the refrigerator and wash them just before you eat them.

7. Among other vitamins, they contain high amount of nitrate

Because of this, they increase the blood and the oxygen flow to the muscles. That is why active sportsman have more energy during and after an exhausting training session.

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