Interesting Facts About Princess Diana

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In 1981 Princess Diana has married with Prince Charles and since then, her life was not the same. Cameras and paparazzi were everywhere where she goes. However, although you think that everything about her is well known, we believe that there are some facts that you never knew before.

Interesting Facts About Princess Diana

Below in the article we are writing about some topics that have never been released in the public.

Interesting facts about Princess Diana

1. Diana’s wedding dress has entered in the royal history

Princess Diana’s wedding dress was about 8 meters long and it was decorated with more then 10.000 small pearls. It was the longest dress in the royal history. Moreover, the dress was designed from the famous British designers David and Elizabeth Emanuel and it costs around 115.000 dollars.

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2. Prince Charles was firstly dating Princess Diana’s sister

When he met the 16-year-old Diana for the first time, Prince Charles was 28 years old and was dating her older sister Sarah. However, they broke up in short time. Therefore, after that, Sarah has admitted in the public that she has never loved Charles. Furthermore, it is important to know that 2 years after they first met, they start dating.

3. She chose her engagement ring from catalog

Interesting fact about Princess Diana is that she chose her engagement ring from a catalog. At that time, all rings for royal members were specially designed. When she was asked why she chose that ring, she said that it was similar to her mother’s wedding ring.

5. She let Prince William in kindergarten

With this action, Princess Diana has broken the royal tradition by letting Prince William in kindergarten. By that time, private tutors were taking care about the education of the youngest members of the royal family. However, all that was changed when Diana came to the royal family.

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