Hunza – The Only People In The World Without Cancer!

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According to the experts, the only people in the world that do not have cancer are the Hunza people. The key factor about this situation are their nutrition and lifestyle. In the article below we are bringing more information about them.

Hunza – The only people in the world without cancer! (1)

The situation in this nation is still the same. They have a very small number of ill people and their average age is 120 years! Yes, that is right, 120 years. Hunzakuti are ancient people, located on the border of Pakistan and India in the Hunza River valley. This valley is surrounded by sharp cliffs of the Himalayas mountains.

Another interesting characteristic about them is that they are showering with cold water even on 10 degrees below zero. They are very vital and gave birth even at 60 years of age.

Hunza – The only people in the world without cancer! (3)

As we said in the beginning, this longevity is  due to their way of life and their food. In summer they eat many vegetables and raw fruits, and in winter they eat dried apricots, cheese and sprouted grains.  Also, there is a period when Hunza people do not eat nothing. This is a period for about 2 – 3 months. In this period, these people are only drinking a juice from dried apricots.

Hunza – The only people in the world without cancer! (2)

Now, let’s see the food that they are consuming:

1. Apricot seeds

Apricots are full of sodium, Vitamin A and potassium. Apricot seeds are full with Vitamin B-17 seeds, amino acids and essential fats. It is believed that the seeds of this fruit can cure cancer.

2. Special bread

This bread is an essential part of their diet. They make it from the flour obtained from the whole grain millet and buckwheat. This flour is mixed with 1/4 teaspoon of salt, which is previously merged with the dried and crushed vegetables. To the mixture was added half a cup of glacial milk or water with minerals.

3. Raw vegetables, fruits and grains

Hunza people eat this ingredients throughout the whole day. They also make different meals with them. It is important to mention that they eat meat very rarely.

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