Homeless Woman Lives In Trump Tower 8 Years For Free

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After he won the Presidential elections, President Donald Trump was targeted as a racist and chauvinist. However, all of that is now going to change thanks to one move that he made 8 years ago. Namely, he has allowed to one black, homeless woman to stay in the Trump Tower 8 years for free.

Homeless Woman Lives In Trump Tower 8 Years For Free

Yes, it is true that this sounds amazing. However, Trump has endured the attacks from many media and individuals without telling this story. But, like the old people said, the good things every time came up without saying them. Therefore, one reporter has found out about this women and has decided to make her an interview in order to silence all the people that were accusing Trump. The story goes like this:

Homeless Woman Lives In Trump Tower

8 years ago, this woman, who will stay anonymous, sneaked into the Trump Tower and found an empty room in there. So, the next morning when somebody of the personal saw her, they called the security in order to make her go away. However, when that did not worked, they decided to call the cops. When came, they told her to get out from the apartment or she will be arrested. On these treats, the poor woman said that she will not get out and she will take the chances to be arrested. Luckily, during the conversation with the police, somebody has called Donald Trump and he immediately came in the room.

Homeless Woman Lives In Trump Tower 8 Years For Free (1)

So, from that moment, everything was on her side. Instead of allowing the officers to arrest her, Trump decided to let the homeless woman to live in this apartment. Everybody in the room were surprised with this decision because of the fact that something like this has never happened. However, this was not all. Besides the permission to stay in the hotel for free, Trump made sure that the homeless women has 3 meals per day and fresh flowers every day.

So, with this generous act, President Donald Trump has crashed all the stereotypes that were addressed to him. If the rich people start to follow his example, there will be less homeless people on the streets.



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