Are They Hiding The HAARP Antennas In The Trees?

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We are sure that you have at least heard about HAARP antennas and HAARP program. So, according to the government and military, this system is used for scientific researches in the ionosphere. However, there are many controversies about this program. People are claiming that government is using this antennas for weather manipulation.

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People around the world are feeling unsafe due to this program. Also, some experts are claiming that with this program the authorities can control the weather in every country. Moreover, they are claiming that HAAPR system is guilty for many natural disasters around the world.

HAARP antennas for weather modification

Are They Hiding The HAARP Antennas In The Trees

In addition, Hugo Chavez is one of the largest enemies of these weather manipulation programs. He is claiming that HAARP antennas are guilty for the earthquake in Haiti. This story gain popularity due to the many supporters that Hugo Chavez has. Moreover, the president of Iran also claims that the floods in Pakistan were promoted with these HAARP antennas. Due to these controversial conspiracy theories, people around the world are afraid for their lives.

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However, few months ago, they had a moment of hope. The military has announced that they will destroy these antennas and the whole program. But, until now, nothing has happened. So, the scarier thing is that it seems like the government is trying to mask these antennas. In our newsroom people from all over the world have started to send us some photos which they have taken. On the photos you can see that these antennas are masked with tree branches.

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So, people have started to ask questions. So, if these antennas are used for scientific purposes, why are they hiding them? Why the military has not destroyed HAARP system yet?

However, we cannot give you the answer to these questions. But we can share them in order to raise the awareness among people.

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