Health Problems Associated With Air Conditioner

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There is nothing better than a room with air-conditioner in these hot summer days. Whenever we go on holiday, we are always looking for a room with air conditioner. But, according to the doctors, this is not so smart move.

Health Problems Associated With Air Conditioner

Namely, every air-conditioner hides some source of disease. Exactly for that reason we are writing this article. We want to inform you for some of the problems that you might have while using air conditioning. So, let’s take a look.

1. Dry skin

These problems will not appear if you do not use the air conditioner too often. But excess use of it can lead to dry skin and other skin problems. In order to reduce the impact, you must do something to hydrate your skin.

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2. Chronic tiredness and sickness

Many studies have confirmed the theory that people who work in environment where air conditioners work throughout the whole day are exposed to a greater risk than others are. They will feel exhausted and are too exposed on many bacteria hidden in the filters.

3. Respiratory problems

The air conditioner in your car is as much harmful as the one in your office. The bacteria hidden in the filters can harm your respiratory system and cause you serious breathing problems. In addition you will have a sore throat and your gums will suffer too.

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4. Physical problems

In addition to the health problems, due to the cold air in blowing you in the back, you can get serious problems with your spine. Your muscles will also become rigid and your whole body will hurt. Besides that, you can get strong headaches and neck stiffness. You will feel pain in the joints, knees and elbows.

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5. It worsens your current health condition

If you are suffering from some disease, the exposure on air conditioning will only worsen the current condition.

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