Healing Spices

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The spices we use every day in our cooking can sometimes be much more useful in maintaining good health rather than using them in the main foods that are on the menu. Some of them are good ally in the fight with some infections and irritations, and some of them are useful in cancer prevention and treatment. In the article below, you can find more about cinnamon, sage, rosemary and thyme.


1. Cinnamon

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Cinnamon is rich in a variety of useful substances, but also it has antioxidant properties that help the cells in the body to fight with the free radicals that damage our bodies. They help the body to fight against different diseases such as cancer, diabetes, dementia and the like. Cinnamon helps in the regulation of insulin which reduces the harmful blood sugar levels. It is very easy for consuming. But if you want to improvise, try to mix it with fruits, juices or tea.


2. Sage

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You can use it for rinsing your mouth. New studies have shown that in addition to its anti-inflammatory effects and it can also improve the memory and focus. It helps with the symptoms of menopause such as redness and excessive sweating. At first, it is very possible that you would not like its taste, but considering its benefits, it is worth to try.


3. Rosemary

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Experts have found that substances contained in rosemary can protect our brain from free radicals and are reducing the risk of stroke and Alzheimer’s disease. It can be added in various of meals, but you should be careful and do not overdo with its usage.


4. Thyme

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On the beginning of this year, a study was conducted and showed that thyme oil contains antimicrobial properties which are very useful against food poisoning and digestion. Three times a week, add a quarter teaspoon of dried thyme in a meal of your choice.


These spices have major role for our overall health, but they should not be a substitute for your doctors advise.


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