Gynecologists Are Warning: Do Not Sit In Wet Swimsuits

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While we are on holiday, we don’t mind to sit all day in our wet swimsuit. Besides the parties and good company, we do not even think on our swimsuit. Often, when we get out of the water we use the first towel that comes to our hand. It may be or brother’s or mother’s towel, but still it is not ours. But, according to the gynecologists, this is a big mistake. It can cause many problems with our skin and health.

Gynecologists are warning - Do not sit in wet swimsuits

The consequences can be shown immediately or after few days. So, from now on, be careful with your actions when you are on holiday. Below in the article you can see the consequences if you do not often change your swimsuit at the beach.

1. Fungal infections

You can usually get this type of infections when you are using public swimming pools. Susceptible to these infections are girls and women who eat a lot of sugary foods, have a weakened immune system and are exposed to stress. Fungal infections are one of the most persistent and are takes a lot of time to be treated. They are caused by Candida, which can even occur after using antibiotics. The most common symptoms are itching, redness, swelling and increased presence of white discharge. If you notice some of these symptoms, you should visit gynecologists in order to make further steps in treating this disease.

Gynecologists are warning - Do not sit in wet swimsuits (4)

2. Inflammation of the bladder

Sudden changes in temperature or sudden entry into the cold water while you are on holiday, can cause inflammation of the bladder. Symptoms of an inflamed bladder are increased frequency of urination followed by tingling and even traces of blood in the urine. If you see these symptoms, visit your doctor. He will tell you which examinations to take in order to solve this problem.

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3. Inflammation of the ovaries

This type of inflammation is very common for women who are on holiday. If you notice that you have this type of inflammation, avoid cold drinks and stay on sun in order to warm your stomach. Symptoms of this type of inflammation are: pain in lower part of the stomach and high temperature.

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