Great News – California Bans The Plastic Bags

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We are all witnesses that our environment is more and more polluted throughout the years. Many large companies are throwing their waste into the water and the soil. Therefore, due to this problem, a lot of diseases have occurred. One of the most problematic objects for our environment are the plastic bags. They are not degradable and are causing many problems for the environment.

Great News - California Bans The Plastic Bags

Plastic bags – major problem for our health and environment

According to the experts, plastic bags are presenting a major problem for the sea world. Namely, turtles, whales and other animals are swallowing these bags that are causing them big problems. After that, they are found dead because the bags are stuck in their intestines. Therefore, according to the statistics, about 100000 turtles and other animals are found dead throughout the year. Moreover, the experts are saying that one bag needs approximately 400 years to biodegrade. You will agree with us that this is quite long period. On the other hand, experts are also saying that when the bags get in contact with water, they will never degrade. Moreover, they are turning into plastic dusts which is more harmful for the water. The chances are big for this plastic dust to enter into our food chain.

Great News - California Bans The Plastic Bags (2)

There were many protests around the world about this problem, but unfortunately nothing has drastically changed until now. Luckily, through a referendum, Californians have voted for the state to ban the plastic bags. Therefore, with a lot of work, sweat and determinations, they have managed to succeed. So, California becomes the first state that has banned these bags in order to protect the environment and animals. According to the executive officers, this decision should be motive for the other companies to make the same decision.

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Therefore, taking this decision in consideration, we can be sure that the things are going into a positive way. Although many companies are still skeptic about the decision, many people are supporting this decision. The companies that have the need of plastic bags, they can change them with paper bags. But, they are saying that they will need to charge them. However, we can be sure that our soil and water will be cleaner and healthier because of this decision.

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