Government Cancels The Destruction Of HAARP. They Will Change The Owners!?

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The government again does not held its promise. Information has leaked in public that the military will finally destroy the HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) system. But, it seems that they have changed their mind in the last seconds. So, instead of destroying this controversial project, they will acquire it to the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

Government cancels the destruction of HAARP. They will change the owners

Government will not destroy HAARP system

According to the University, they are taking this project for scientific researches. However, the authorities have spent $290 Million dollars on this project and it will be a perfect for the University. In order to put the device back in a operational standards, the UAE will invest 2 million dollars.

This program was a target of many conspiracy theories and was neglected from the general public. People around the world were protesting against HAARP. Moreover, the accuse the government for weather manipulation. On the other hand, the authorities were claiming that HAARP program was for scientific researches. However, not many people believed in this statement.

Government cancels the destruction of HAARP. They will change the owners (2)

The scientists from the University of Alaska Fairbanks are so thankful to the army for this opportunity. According to them, there is a lot of science that can be done in the ionosphere. The HAARP project is so advanced that it will provide them a great experience. Moreover, they are sure that with this system they will have more success in the science. Therefore, they will continue to work for what is the best for the people. If there is something new up there, with this system they will find out for sure.

Government cancels the destruction of HAARP. They will change the owners (1)

However, many people do not believe in this theory. Moreover, they think that this is another game plan of the government to avoid the destruction of the HAARP system. So, the authorities will continue to control the weather and all natural happenings. But, nobody will confirm this. So, we guess that the time will tell who was rights. Until then, we should pray nothing bad happens.


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