Girl Claims That She Cured Her Lung Cancer With Cannabis Oil

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As the time passes, many stories are arriving to us from people who are claiming that they have cured the lung cancer or some other type of cancer with cannabis oil. Back in the time, nobody has spoken about this type of alternative medicine. Small number of people are deciding to cure their disease with alternative medicine, because nobody was sure about its curability. Chemotherapy was the only way they know.

Girl Claims That She Cured Her Lung Cancer With Cannabis Oil (1)

However, as time passes, more and more people are starting to use alternative medicine as their way to heal cancer, because chemotherapy was giving too little results. Cannabis oil and vitamin B17 are the most common options among people.

Few days ago, a letter from our reader came to us saying that she has cured her lung cancer with cannabis oil. Namely, this type of cancer is leading cause in cancer related deaths in USA. From 200000 new cancer cases, 151000 of them have died only in 2015.

Mrs Holm will never forget that day when her doctor tell her that she has 3rd stage lung cancer. The world has crushed on her shoulders. She started to fall down mentally and to lose her will for life. Luckily, her family and friends were there for her and convince her not to back down. The life is in front of her and she needs to fight. Instead of going to chemotherapy, she has decided to take some alternative medications. Mrs Holm chose to use the highly concentrated cannabis oil for her treatment. That is not what her doctor was proposing but however, that was her final decision.

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Four months later, together with her mother she went to the doctor to make tests. Luckily, her CT scans showed up that her lung cancer was significantly reduced. The best option now was to surgically remove the rest of the tumor. She did it. Now, she is cancer free and enjoys in her life. However, she has completely changed her lifestyle and started to eat healthy food. Also she is now part from some organization that helps people with cancer diseases.

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