Are We Getting The Flu From The Chemtrails?

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According to the established American medical researcher, we are currently get the flu through the chemtrails. This is due to pharmaceutical – government campaign in order to gain more income. Their plan is later to cure us through the vaccines!

Are We Getting The Flu From The Chemtrails (1)

Dr. Len Horowitz says that the government and Big Pharma are slowly destroying the immune system of the people. They are doing this slowly by spraying toxic chemicals in the air we breathe.

The scary part is that this illness is not linked with any bacterial or viral transition period. According to doctors, if it was some bacterial period, it would last few days. Also, people who are infected would have a fever. But, none of this happens. This illness lasts for months. Fatigue, nausea and sinus congestion and drainage are some of the symptoms.

Scientists from the Institute of pathology, have found out that pathogenic mycoplasma is causing this so-called flu. This is not a bacterial or fungus. It is a man made biological weapon. Dr. Horowitz says that he truly believes that chemtrails are responsible for the many diseases that came up in the recent years. Due to the spraying, our immune and respiratory systems are weakened, so our body cannot react appropriate.

Are We Getting The Flu From The Chemtrails

When chemtrails were spayed above his home, Len has started to investigate them deeply. He took pictures from the chemtrails and send them to the Centers for Disease Control Toxicology. In a few weeks, they have contacted him and said that there was a little amount of ethylene dibromide in the jet fuel. That is why these chemtrails have shown above his house.

Because of its cancer – causing effects, this chemical carcinogen was removed from the gasoline. But, now, they have found it in the military jet fuel! However, the situation is terrifying. Due to the weakened immune system, you get respiratory problems, flu or some other health disorders. Therefore, now, you need to receive some mandatory vaccines in order to prevent the symptoms of the diseases. But, due to the side effects of the vaccines, you conditions can be worse. And so on. Now, you are becoming chronically ill, and you need to be on medications all the time, which was the purpose from the beginning.

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