Get Rid Of The Skin Problems

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Everywhere around us we can see a lot of people that have various skin problems. Some of them have small problems like acne. But, some of them have more dangerous skin problems. For some people, these diseases are causing psychological problems and force them to be socially isolated. However, the causes for their occurrence can be different. It may happen due to stress, pollution of the environment, emotions, hormones or intolerance to certain types of food. Moreover, this skin condition can be eliminated with avoiding stress, proper and healthy diet, exercising, regular detoxification and use of healing cosmetics or herbs.

Get Rid Of The Skin Problems

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In the nature can be found herbal remedy for every illness. There are a large number of potential plants but you only need to find the right combination.

Herbalists around the world have designed unique recipes that have proven to be very effective in treating diseases such as acne, eczema, skin allergies, dermatitis, rashes, psoriasis and other skin diseases.

Natural elixir for all skin diseases:

  • You should take: walnut leaves, nettle, marigold and peel from oak and willow
  • Take 3 teaspoons of the mixture and pour them with 7 ounces of boiling water
  • Cover them and strain them after 30 minutes
  • Drink it 3 times a day, half an hour before meals

What is the secret of this tea?

The main benefit of all these ingredients are their anti-inflammatory properties. Phytotherapy in all diseases recommends plants that are cleaning the blood. If the blood is clean, the skin will be also.

Plants that can good for your skin

All plants in this tea are popular in Phytotherapy and their beneficial effects have been proven from a long time ago.


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Nettle is a rich source of minerals such as calcium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron and sodium. From vitamins it has vitamin C, K, B2 and B5. This herb also contains secretin which is great for the liver, intestines and the gallbladder. It strengthens the body and purifies the blood. So whenever you have problems with iron levels in the blood, just drink a tea from nettle for a couple of weeks and everything will be ok.

Walnut leaves

The walnut leaves have strong anti-inflammatory properties and is traditionally used for skin diseases. They are used for treatment of serious bacterial and fungal infections, bleeding gums, treatment of skin inflammation, etc.

Oak bark

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The oak bark contains high amount of tannin, which has beneficial effect for the whole organism. It has the capacity to stop the bleeding cause by some infections or injuries. It is used for varicose veins, ulcers and eczema.

Willow bark

Willow bark presents a natural source of aspirin. So, we all probably know that it is used for headaches. Furthermore, in dermal application it is used against signs of aging and weakening of the skin tone. A tea made from willow is acting anti-inflammatory. It contains flavoniods and polyphenols. Furthermore, they have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiseptic and antipyretic properties.


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Marigold is a herb that has extraordinary effects on the skin. Therefore, it works by stimulating the detoxification, liver, gallbladder and blood purification. The color of the flowers indicates that it contains high amounts of beta carotene. So, this vitamin is one of the most important vitamins for the skin health. It is also good for keeping the eye health.

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