Get Rid From The Kidney Stones Without Doctor

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According to the statistics, the kidney stones cases are increasing in the recent years. They say that this pain is enormous. How does not experienced it, cannot talk about it. So, how to prevent the occurrence of the kidney stones? In order to answer that question we firstly need to know what is the cause for this problem. So, according to the experts, besides other facts, the food we eat has major impact on this problem. Therefore, in order to prevent their occurrence, we need to do some crucial changes in our lifestyle.

Get Rid From The Kidney Stones Without Doctor

How to get rid from the kidney stones?

Sometimes, the cure is cheap and is in front of our eyes but we still do not see it. The word is about the millet. Yeah. Can you believe that this ingredient that is so affordable everywhere and is very cheap can save you from the pain? It presents an amazing ingredient that can help us to cure our kidney diseases. Moreover, it has been used for treating urolithiasis from ancient times. The supporters of the alternative medicine will propose you this healthy herb in order to treat your problems. In addition to the benefits for kidney diseases, millet is also great for some women diseases.

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The recipe against kidney diseases

Every night before sleep, put about 200 grams of millet in a big jar (about 3 L). Then, boil water and pour 2/3 in the jar. After you do this, shake the jar well and put it to overnight. So, shake it again in the next morning and strain the liquid in another cup. Therefore, you can drink this liquid throughout the whole day. However, you should not throw the millet away. You can make really tasty and healthy soup with it. Put 1 cup of millet and 3 cups of water and cook them for 1 minutes. This is  a perfect breakfast for those you have stomach aches.

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After about 2 weeks, the stones will melt down and will be thrown through urine. In addition it will clear your kidneys and urinary tract.

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