Get Lost In The Charm Of Venice …

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Take a walk in the old-fashioned, romantic charm that reigns throughout Venice. Do not separate the view from the Doge’s Palace and enjoy in a peaceful ride with the gondolas. Furthermore, see how the murano glass is made on the Murano Island and many things that are available in this magic city.

If you have already been to Venice, do not despair. Your next visit to this city would not be the same as the first one, for sure.

 There are a few thing and places that you must not miss on your trip:

1. Visit Burano!

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It is located on 40 minutes boat ride from Venice. Burano is small village, but the spirit and the view are simply amazing. It is known for the colorful houses and the handmade lace which is very, very expensive.

2. Take a romantic gondola ride

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Your trip to Venice will never be complete if do not take a ride along the Grand Canal. Standard ride lasts between 35-45 minutes. You will be amazed by the view from the gondola, and if you want, the boatman may tell you some stories about Venice. But, remember, the night ride is more expensive than the daily ride.

3. Visit Locanda Cipriani!

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This restaurant will make you feel the spirit of Venice through their food. In this place, the great Ernest Hemingway wrote his novel “Across the river and into the trees” when this building was still a rustic winery.

4. St Mark’s Square

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This square is of great historical, religious and political significance of the city, so it is worth to devote detailed sightseeing. Wherever you turn you will see luxury, so you better be prepared for excitement.

5. Handmade glass processing

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In addition, once you’re in Venice, you must take at least half a day to visit Murano, where you will learn how to manually process glass. Local craftsmen are using a special technique for melting glass. Therefore, while it is still in a molten state, they use their skilled hands and are making unique shapes and patterns on it. So, we are sure you will like it.

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