Fungal Infection Of The Skin

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The very thought that you can get fungal infection on your skin is unpleasant. But, as well as other diseases, the fungal infection can cause a variety of discomfort situations such as itching, burning and pain.

The biggest problem with this infection is that it is very easily spread through contact.

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Today, fungal problems appears to people who are visiting public swimming pools, gyms, saunas and similar places. In such places due to the climate, water and the large concentration of people, there is the greatest possibility of transmission of some infectious and diseases.

Lichens are fungal infections that can occur in all parts of the body, even the scalp. Lichens can be transferred from pets, people or some contaminated objects.

Because of this fact, you should be very careful. After you play with your dog, you must wash our hand well. Very important this is that if you know that some person has fungal infection, to avoid any contact with them.

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The most common form of the fungal infection is Trichopytonom and can occur in all parts of the body. This type of infection is known as “athlete’s foot” because it usually occurs between the toes on the feet. If you notice some peeling or cracking on the skin, you should contact your doctor, because it might be this type of infection. This problem commonly occurs to people who play some sport. Rarely, this problem might occur on the hands.

Tinea capitis is infection that affect the scalp area. In most cases, it occurs on the surface. When some man or woman is suffering from this type of disease, on their scalp can be seen red blisters with flaked, which may lead to inflammation.

In order to try to avoid this problem, do not walk barefoot on the floor in the gym. It is also advisable to wear additional pair of socks and towel and do not borrow them to another person

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