Florida Couple Wins The Fight For Their Organic Yard

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People were stunned from the story about the organic yard and the couple from Florida which has to destroy it. They have grown their organic garden in their from yard for 19 years. Now, all of a sudden, the officials came up and forced them to destroy it.

Florida Couple Wins The Fight For Their Organic Yard

Why the officials want to destroy this organic yard?

However, this couple has decided to take the problem in their hands and sue the state. However, the fight was everything but easy. They had to go from door to door and try to find the right people who will want to help them. Luckily, the stars were on their side and they manage to win the battle for their garden. The government has withdraw the demands to destroy the garden.

Florida Couple Wins The Fight For Their Organic Yard (1)

So now, they will continue to enjoy and grow organic food in their front yard. Moreover, they are free for advices and support for everyone who wants to make such garden. The couple said that people are free to come to their house and see the garden whenever they want.

According to them, they have grown this garden for 19 years. Before this period, they were suffering from different diseases all the time. They are sure that all that suffering was due to the many pesticides and other harmful ingredients that are used in the food. However, when they started to grow their own food in their organic yard, they feel much better. Moreover, they barely visit a doctor and they feel more fresh and energized.

Florida Couple Wins The Fight For Their Organic Yard (2)

They were upset and depressed when the officials told them to destroy the organic yard. The only thing they have got was this garden. However, they have managed to go through this tough situation and stand up straight against the authorities. Luckily, they have won the case and the garden was theirs again.

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