Fish Oil – The Best Ingredient For Our Brain

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Do you believe that your brain is limited? If yes, then you certainly think that your mental ability has reached its peak. Well, think again. According to the experts, our brain power is simply unlimited. The power of our brain can definitely increase, not only with mental exercises but also with dietary supplements. Therefore, we need to increase our consumption of fish oil.

Fish oil can boost our brain power

Fish oil is rich in omega 3 fatty acids that are vital to a healthy and functional brain. It is also full of nutrients that our brain needs. Therefore, when you start to enter them regularly, your mental capacity will greatly improve. Moreover, a study that examined the effects of fish oil was used by 70 years old respondents. The results were pretty amazing. So, after only 6 months of consumption of this oil, the mental ability of the examinees was improved considerably.

Fish Oil – The Best Ingredient For Our Brain (2)

The great thing is that this oil is available in capsules and in a liquid form. However, because of the bad taste, many people are using the fish oil capsules. Moreover, this oil is available in every store at your surroundings or pharmacies. Also, some companies around the world are producing the fish oil with different flavors, such as orange as strawberries.

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What is the recommended dose?

So, if you are eating fish for 2-3 times per week, then you do not have to consume this oil. However, if you are not a big fish fan, then, this oil is a perfect replacement. Therefore, according to some doctors, you should consume around 1000 mg fish oil. However, if you take some medicaments, you must consult your doctor first. Fish oil is an effective way to improve the memory and the power of your brain. It is also great for physical health and helps you against heart disease, arthritis, and fertility problems.

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