Federal Agency Wants To Kill 44.000 Of The 66.000 Wild Horses In USA

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The Bureau of Land Management has voted a horrifying and disgusting decision to kill 44.000 wild horses in the United States of America. This decision was voted after congressional hearing where the representatives of the beef industry said that wild horses are overpopulated. According to them, the only solution of this so called problem is to slaughter these animals.

Federal Agency Wants To Kill 44.000 Of The 66.000 Wild Horses In USA

Why they want to slaughter these wild horses?

However, the horses will not be slaughtered by the Bureau of Land Management, but will be sold to middleman to do it. He will then sell to some slaughterhouses and will be sold for meat. In addition, the National Academy of Sciences claims that there is no evidence for eventual overpopulation. They are not supporting this idea for killing horses and claiming the overpopulation as alibi.

However, the BLM is more interested in the benefit and the money that they will receive of giving the public land to private ranchers and corporations. According to the experts, the BLM makes 14 million dollars annually from leasing the public land to the ranchers. Also, they make about 1.3 million dollars from leasing this land to gas and energy companies.

Federal Agency Wants To Kill 44.000 Of The 66.000 Wild Horses In USA (1)

You will always hear that the Bureau of Land Management promotes the health and the productivity for the public lands. According to them, they do this for the good of the present and the future generations. However, this is only a mask for their dirty games. Couple of years ago, the rancher Clive Bundy came into conflict with the Bureau of Land Management. According to the Bureau, Clive has not paid for the grazing fees. However, the rancher claimed that the government wanted to take his land because of the presence of gas and oil reserves.

Whatever the purpose is, we believe that killing these poor animals is not the answer. If you agree with us and you want to support us you can sign a petition. We will provide you the link and it is up to you to sign it. So, here is the link for the petition.

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