FDA: 70% Of Chicken Meat Contains Carcinogenic Substance

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First of all, arsenic is a chemical type of a poison. Elevated levels of arsenic in our bodies lead to arsenic poisoning and that leads to death. Over 139 million people die each year out of arsenic poisoning. This is due the presence of arsenic in drinking water in countries which don’t filter it, or have a limited financial supply. FDA has announced something very worrying. You can see in the article below.

FDA - 70% Of Chicken Meat Contains Carcinogenic Substance (2)

Now, arsenic can be organic or inorganic, the latter being poisonous. The inorganic type of arsenic has been pumped into chicken meat which we eat. Food companies are intentionally adding arsenic to the meat to make chickens seem more plump and give them a healthy-colored look.  For a long time nothing has been done about this problem. High levels of arsenic are associated with a high level of cancer and multiple other diseases. Now, after many years of awareness, the FDA has finally admitted that around 70 percent of all of the chickens sold in the U.S. contain arsenic.

Roxarsone, the arsenic-containing drug was present in more than half of the livers of all of the chickens which had been tested. The FDA has asked Pfizer to stop manufacturing this drug and remove this kind of poisoning for the wider mass of people.

FDA - 70% Of Chicken Meat Contains Carcinogenic Substance (1)

According to the Wall Street Journal, the sale of these chickens should stop by early July this year in order to allow chicken meat producers to switch to an alternative form of production.

The companies responded with a shocking reply. They said that the levels of arsenic in chicken meat were equivalent to the amount of arsenic in a normal 8 ounce glass of water. This raises a myriad of other questions. Are the levels of arsenic in water the same as the levels of arsenic in chicken? Is it the water companies that are trying to poison us? And, ultimately, why are we being poisoned so much?

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