Fancy Ideas For Plant Holders

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Let’s consider that you are one of those people who loves plants and flowers. However, like many of them, you also have a mess in your yard. This is the part where we take place. Exactly for that reason, we have made a list of the most interesting ideas for plant holders.

Fancy Ideas For Plant Holders

You can use everything that comes up on your mind. Some old bottles, boxes etc. You only need to be creative and persistent as much as possible. Now, let’s that a closer look at our list. Moreover, if you have some your ideas and you want to show them, feel free to contact us.

Fancy ideas for plant holders

1. Old soup ladles as fancy hanging plant holders

Fancy Ideas For Plant Holders (1)

Reuse your grandmother’s old ladles in order to make some very interesting hanging holders. You can pin them to the wall or hand them on some rope.

2. Old wine bottles as succulent holders

Fancy Ideas For Plant Holders (5)

These holders look both, fancy and romantic. Depending on the situation, you can decorate them with additional light candles in order to make some romantic moment. In addition, you can simply decorate your yard table with some interesting holders.

3. Nest holders

Fancy Ideas For Plant Holders (4)

Turn on your imagination and make some cute nest holders for your plants. The best is if you can make a few of them and then make some interesting styles and decorations.

4. Bird cage

Fancy Ideas For Plant Holders (3)

We bet that this idea has never come to your mind. But, you must admit, it looks pretty fancy. Reuse your old bird cage for something useful. Clean it, paint it and get it ready for some amazing flowers.

5. Fallen tree trunk

Fancy Ideas For Plant Holders (6)

Instead of throwing the fallen tree trunks, try to make something wonderful with them. Furthermore, use them for a plant holders like on the picture above. Put them on different sides in your yard and make it look wonderful.

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