Enormous Human Trafficking Chain Busted In California – 500 People Arrested

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A historical action took place in Los Angeles in the past few days. Namely, very large human trafficking chain was revealed in California where around 500 people were arrested. In this action, 50 law enforcing agencies took part including FBI and Homeland Security. The operation called Reclaim and Rebuild lasted around 3 days at the end of January.

Enormous Human Trafficking Chain Busted In California – 500 People Arrested

Enormous Human Trafficking Chain Busted In California

The action was so successful that around 28 adults and 27 children were saved from the claws of the bad people. Another great moment is that around 500 people were taken into custody for interrogation. 140 from them are facing solicitation charges and 35 were accused for alleged pimping. Furthermore, the Los Angeles County Sheriff said that the Regional Human Trafficking Task Force did a great job and will stay focused and continue to fight against the bad people. Their main goal is to save as much people as they can that are victims of human trafficking.

Furthermore, another good thing is that all these children are now under the care of foster care groups and family services agencies. Therefore, they will help them to forget the struggles that they had and reorient back to a normal life. On the other hand, the adults that were also rescued are under treatment of the non-governmental victim organizations.

Enormous Human Trafficking Chain Busted In California – 500 People Arrested (1)

According to the UNICEF, around 20 million people around the world are victims of human trafficking. 5.6 millions of them are children that are exploited to work on the streets. Moreover, only in USA, there are 1.5 million of people that are victims to these criminals. From them, criminals are generating around 31 billion of dollars per year that is really scary number.

Agencies are fighting against human trafficking

Also, we have the police units and non-governmental organizations that are doing their best to save more people. As the County Sheriff said, they are going after every single exploiter on the street and they are dedicated completely to eradicate the human trafficking from the streets. However, the most vulnerable category are the kids. The will have traumas for the rest of their lives. Therefore, these foster care groups are very important. They play major role in the life of those kids. Getting them a proper education and normal life are some of the things that these agencies are doing.

But, we are aware that there will always be people who want to hurt other people. But, our fight against them should never stop. As long as we are determine in this fight, nobody can stop us. Moreover, as we said in the beginning, we are not alone. Many agencies are with us and are trying their best to raise the awareness among people. Furthermore, they are trying to encourage the victims to report these cases more often. For now, they are too scared to do this. But, everything takes time. As time passes, they will be brave enough to do that. The time will tell if we are right.

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