The Economy Is Going Better Under President Trump

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When Donald Trump was running for the President elections, almost nobody gave him a chance for winning. However, after he won the elections and immediately started to take the things in his hands, people started to believe in him. But, the road to success was not easy.

The Economy Is Going Better Under President Trump

As soon as he started his campaign, President Trump said that among other things, the main focus will be the economy. The thing is that in the 8-year presidency of the Former President Barack Obama, our economy has never reached 3 % growth.  Moreover, the thing to be worse, this never happened for even single quarter. So, people in USA were very disappointed considering the fact that Obama has promised at least three percent (or more) growth in every year. However, he failed to achieve his promises.

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The Economy Is Going Better Under President Trump

What people love in the new president is that he wants the money to come and stay in the USA. According to him, we should start building in our country with American steel and iron and with American workers. Therefore, by paying our workers to do the job, the money spent for infrastructures are staying in America.

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However, there are many media houses who want to decrease Trump’s achievement so far. Moreover, they are constantly trying to find some controversies about our President in order to gain him bad publicity. But, they are unsuccessful so far.

What goes in Trump’s favor is the fact that this was the first profitable quarter in the U. S. mining industry in years. With the opening of the new coal mine in Pennsylvania, many work places were opened for the people from this place. Moreover, the national debt was decreased and the stock market is in constant rise. All of this happened after Donald Trump took his place in the president cabinet. And it is just a beginning.

However, another great thing about President Trump that we must not forget is his humanity. Maybe not so many people know that Trump let a poor woman to live in his hotel free of charge. Therefore, this is one more reason why you must respect our President.

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