Easy Homemade Recipe Against Gastritis

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Gastritis is very common situation that starts with pain in the upper abdomen. Usually it is accompanied with heartburn and nausea. Such symptoms usually appear after eating hardly digestible food. However, if these symptoms are not gone in few hours, there are big chances that you have gastritis.

Easy Homemade Recipe Against Gastritis

This health condition is not that scary. But, you need to change some of your habits. These changes are particularly concerning the food choice. Sometimes, you need to change your whole lifestyle.

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Luckily, there are many natural and homemade remedies who can significantly reduce the symptoms and consequences. However, they should not completely replace your doctor’s advice or medications. Important thing to remember is to keep up with this new lifestyle in order to prevent gastritis to show up in future.

The following recipe comes to us from Uzbekistan. This remedy is very effective and is prepared very easily. It is found in the Muhammad Hamrajev’s book. He is the president of the Academy of Traditional Medicine of Uzbekistan.

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Ingredients needed for this recipe:

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How it is prepared:

As we said before, it is very easy for you to make this recipe. You should  take ½ pumpkin and peel it. Then, cut it into small pieces. Put the pieces in a mixer and mix them until you get a juice. In the juice add the tablespoons of honey and apple cider vinegar. After you do this procedure, the juice is ready for consuming. For sure, after consuming this drink you will feel great relief from your pains. According to the experts, healthy people should also drink this drink from time to time. It has numerous benefits for our digestive system and for our intestines. With its regular consummation, you will reduce the symptoms of gastritis and prevent it from occurring.

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