How To Easily Recognize GMO Products?

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GMO products are much represented on the market. Furthermore, they are the reason of so many diseases that have occurred in the past decade. For that reason, many non-governmental organizations are trying to raise the awareness among people to eat healthy and organic food.

How To Easily Recognize GMO Products

However, in order to know what type of food should you eat, you need to read the declarations on them. But, these declarations are often confusing and people do not understand them really. So, in order to make it easier for you, we have searched a little bit about this topic. Our research team has found out some interesting information about the numbers that are appearing on the declarations. Therefore, if you have not looked at them until now, maybe it is time for you to be more serious about this question.

How To Easily Recognize GMO Products (1)

How To Easily Recognize GMO Products?

These numbers are telling you everything about the product that you want to buy. With their help, you can find out is that food product GMO, organic or treated with pesticides. Check them out.

1. Numbers that start with number 3 or number 4

If you notice this number on the declaration on the food product, that means that this food is grown in a traditional way. So, it is treated with pesticides but it is not GMO for sure.

2. 5 digit number that starts with number 8

If you see this number on the food declaration, you better not consume it. It is probably the worst type of food that you can find. Moreover, you should be very careful because sometimes GMO food products are marked with 3 digit numbers.Furthermore, important information that you need to know is that the largest produces of GMO seeds is Monsanto.

3. Declaration number that starts with number 9

The last but not least on the list. So, if you find this number on the declaration label, you can eat this food without fear. Moreover, this means that this product is the healthiest one that you can find in the stores. This food is from organic production and do not contain harmful ingredients.

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