Donald Trump – Flu Shots Are Ineffective

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Tabloids and newspapers have exploded with many debates about how effective are vaccines and flu shots. Many experts are claiming that they are completely safe and mandatory and others are claiming that they are ineffective. Moreover, there are experts who are claiming that vaccines are actually harming our immune system. One of those people who think that flu shots are ineffective is the President Donald Trump.

Donald Trump: The Flu Shots Are Ineffective

He actually thinks that not that they are ineffective, but also they are made from Big Pharma in order to make money from sick people. In his interview, President Trump also revealed that he was never vaccinated with the flu shot and still he has never had the flu. On the other hand, his friends who believe in these vaccines and are vaccinated regularly are often sick. Furthermore, he stated that he has found many articles and studies which claim that vaccines are ruining our health and therefore make us vulnerable. They contain mercury and other harmful ingredients that are can many diseases to the people. Also, he said that he will not force his children to vaccinate themselves, and he will let them to decide.

Donald Trump – Flu Shots Are Ineffective

Many non-governmental organizations are applauding on this statement and are standing behind Donald Trump’s back. However, they are not alone. Every day, a lot of people are calling and supporting this idea and think that finally here is someone who will stand against Big Pharma and Monsanto. This companies have made so much damage to the people and soil that we do not know what to do.

Donald Trump – Flu Shots Are Ineffective (2)

On the other side, the law for mandatory vaccination that was voted few months ago is an additional problem for the people. For that reason, many health workers quit their jobs in a protest act. The example of the 25.000 nurses that were protesting about this law is the biggest one. However, they are actually not against vaccines or for vaccines. They only hate the thought that someone is cutting people’s fundamental right, the right to choose. So, with this President, people’s hope is back. Finally they have some big ally on their side. Now, the time will tell will Trump do something about this question.

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