All About Diabetes Type 2

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For every person who suffers from diabetes type 2, change in the lifestyle seems like a great idea. Every diabetic should have a healthy life and eating habits and sometimes these changes can reduce the symptoms of the disease. However, the genes have a big impact in this situation.

It is a misconception that only fat people with a bad lifestyle can get type 2 diabetes. The truth is that most of the people with diabetes are people with excess weight, but we should not fool ourselves that slim people cannot get this disease.

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In addition to genes, the lifestyle has a big role in the development of this disease. Therefore, the only guarantee for the treatment of diabetes type 2 is the connection between genes and lifestyle, diet control and exercise. This does not mean that you will completely cure the disease. You will control this disease without the medications, which are required for the regulation of blood sugar. But, you must have in mind that a large effort and discipline are required for this to happen.

All the positive changes that you make cannot undo all the harmful effects caused by diabetes. But, what is certain, it will not harm you if you live healthier, and you will see that it will bring many positive things for your health.

A fact for which large number of scientists are agreed is that losing weight will help you in your control of the blood sugar levels. With this, some people will completely stop using medications, while others will significantly reduce their usage. These lifestyle changes must be a part from your life permanently.

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In order to stop its progression, or at least to slow it down, experts are recommending about 150 minutes of exercising per week.

Of course, important factor here must be your doctor. You should not stop using your medications without his approval.

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