Consuming Organic Food

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As the GMO food takes more place on the market, many people saw its disadvantage compared to the healthy food and start eating and growing their own organic food. They are becoming more aware about their own health so they decide to grow their own food under controlled conditions. This food is without chemical fertilizers and synthetic pesticides. It does not have artificial ingredients and it is minimally processed.

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Today, in the modern growing of the food, many pesticides and chemical additives are used. They can have side effects and cause health problems such as: hormonal disorders, cancer, infertility and colon problems. Pregnant women should be extremely careful with the food they eat because it can cause problems on the newborn.

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The food that we eat today does not have the sufficient amount of vitamins and other healthy ingredients that people use to eat in the past. This thing is a little difficult now. In order to provide the sufficient amount of healthy nutrients in the body, we need to eat much larger amounts of vegetables and fruits. But, with this food, we also enter larger amount of harmful substances into the body.

The organic food contains more proteins, antioxidants, calcium, fibers and other healthy properties than the ordinary food. Yes, it is still expensive, but it is worth for the money.

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The most polluted foods are apples, apricots, celery and spinach. Not much polluted are: cabbage, onion, pineapple and tomato. These examples are all treated with pesticides. Some of them more than the others. And not to forget, the citrus fruit peel is also treated with pesticides.

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However, it is very hard not to eat harmful food as it is all over the markets. No matter how hard we are trying to avoid it, sometimes we do not have a choice. But, in that order, we must make something to protect ourselves. For that reason, it is advisable to peel the apples or the other fruits that we eat. Do not forget to wash the whole fruit before you peel it. It is very important.

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