Conor McGregor Left His Featherweight Belt

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According to the latest news, Conor McGregor is no longer two-division UFC champion. So, it seems like president Dana White was right. He said that McGregor needs to leave one of his belts. Therefore, yesterday, UFC has announced that The Notorious will give up his featherweight belt and Jose Aldo will take his place.

Conor McGregor Left His Featherweight Belt

Conor McGregor Left His Featherweight Belt

According to the UFC, Jose Aldo, who is the interim featherweight champion, will now be the undisputed featherweight champion. He won the interim title back on UFC 200 by defeating the number 1 ranked challenger, Frankie Edgar. Therefore, Aldo got his title after the stunning 13sec knockout loss from Conor McGregor. Before that loss, Jose Aldo was undisputed featherweight champion for almost a decade. But, the upcoming Irishman was far more better than him that night.

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Interesting thing is that Ariel Helwani has already released this stunning information in public just before UFC did. He said that Conor will finally leave one of his belts, but nobody seems to believe him. However, the genius reporter was right once again. On the other hand, we will wait to see what UFC will say about this. Ariel Helwani was also releasing top secret information in the public before. Therefore, he was banned to enter on every UFC event in USA. However, that ban was remover after a while.

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In addition, due to the Daniel Cormier’s injury and stepping out from the UFC 206 event, some things were changed. Namely, Max Holloway and Anthony Pettis will now fight for the Interim Featherweight belt. Therefore, the winner from this fight will get the chance to fight Aldo and become the new featherweight champion. Now, these guys will be the main event on UFC 206. Unfortunately, Anthony Johnson still does not have an opponent for this event. However, we are believing that UFC is giving their best in order to find suitable opponent for Johnson. If not, he will receive the full payment for his training.

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