The Color Of Your Face Can Reveal The Disease That You Suffer From

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As the experts want to say, our body is the mirror of our health. Our face skin and our eyes are often sending us some signs about our health problems. However, just a few of us are really taking these signs seriously.

The Color Of Your Face Can Reveal The Disease That You Suffer From

So, we have decided to share with you some information about what exactly our face skin color can tell us about the problems that we have.

What does our face color tell us?

1. Orange Color

If you ever notice that your face gets an orange color, it means that you might have problems with your spleen and pancreas. However, you must first consult your doctor before you take some medications by your own.

2. Red Color

In most cases, this color occurs as a stress reaction, anxiety or some other emotional condition. Moreover, it can also occur due to some food that we eat throughout the day. However, if you notice that the red color chronically appears on your face, it might be a sigh with cholesterol or high blood pressure problems.

3. Green Color

At first, this face color occurs due to anemia problems. Moreover, it can also indicate that you are taking too many medications and you have digestion issues.

4. Yellow Color

If you sometimes notice the yellow color on your face, you should visit a doctor because this means that your liver does not function as it supposes to be.

The Color Of Your Face Can Reveal The Disease That You Suffer From (1)

5. White color

White face color is often a sigh for inactive liver and weakened glands. Moreover, it shows that you have probably problems with your immune system or kidney problems. The best advice is to visit your doctor for further instructions. Do not try to do anything by yourself.

6. Blue Color

So, on some parts of the skin, this color can be linked with cyanosis. This means that your body has increased levels of hemoglobin and reduced levels of oxygen.

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