Coffee Flour – What Should You Know About It

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This article will be especially interesting for those people who love coffee. So, if coffee is your all time favorite drink, you are on the right place. Have you ever heard about coffee flour?

Coffee Flour – What Should You Know About It

Yes, it really sounds strange, but believe us, you will be amazed from this product. Moreover, if you also love eating muffins, then, you will definitely love this flour. So, there are actually two types of coffee flour that you can choose. The first one is from coffee cherries and the second one is from coffee beans. Now, in the continuation of this article, we will tell you some facts about these two types.

Coffee Flour – What Should You Know About It?

1. Coffee flour from coffee beans

Coffee Flour – What Should You Know About It (1)

This flour is relatively new on the market and his popularity is yet to come. As the name says, it comes from the same beans that turned into coffee. The difference is that these beans are roasted on low temperatures. This flour presents perfect and even better alternative to our regular flour. As you might know, coffee is rich in antioxidants, and exactly this process prevents them from damaging.

2. Coffee flour from coffee cherries

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Unlike the previous one, this type of coffee flour is on the market for some time. According to the health experts, this type of flour has many nutritional benefits from our overall health and that is why it is highly recommended. It contains large amounts of proteins, Vitamin A and calcium. Moreover, it also contains high amount of iron, where one tablespoon satisfies 13 % of the daily needed amount of iron.

Some of you may ask about caffeine levels in this flour. So, since it is coffee flour, it contains caffeine. However, people who are sensitive to this ingredient should consume the flour from coffee cherries. This flour contains really small amounts of caffeine. On the other hand, people who do not have problems with this ingredient can consume the other one. It contains caffeine like a half cup of coffee.

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