Cloud Speaker – Music Storm At Your Home

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Have you ever thought that all these cables around your room are very annoying? If so, be sure that you are not the only one. For exactly this reason, we are sharing this article with some interesting and very cool idea. Namely, the word is about a super cool cloud speaker that will not take much space in your room. Moreover, it looks very cool and different than the standard speakers on which we are used to.

Cloud Speaker – Music Storm At Your Home

Super cool cloud speaker

The designer Richard Clarkson is the mind behind this super cool speaker. This designer is known for his previous solution – interactive lamb. This unique lamb has cloud shape and can bring thunders in your room. Moreover, you can put whatever light color you want and therefore have very nice look. This time, Richard Clarkson is surprising us with one more interesting solution. The word is about a Bluetooth speaker that has cloud shape too. According to the words of this open minded and passionate young designer, the idea for this speaker is following the cloud lamb idea.

Cloud Speaker – Music Storm At Your Home (3)

In addition, another thing that makes this speaker unique is the ability to float. Yes, you heard us right. This cloud speaker can float and therefore you will avoid all the mess with the cables of the standard speakers. Another nice thing is that it is completely handmade from white polyester fibers. Together with this model goes one base which allows the speaker to practically floats above it. For now, it floats only few centimeters above the base because it is still a prototype.

Cloud Speaker – Music Storm At Your Home (2)

Cloud Speaker – Music Storm At Your Home (1)

However, Richard’s plans for the future are to make this cloud speaker to float more than 1 meter above the base. Therefore, you will be able to put it in some corner where it will not interfere. But, this is not all. Another very interesting thing that characterizes this speaker are the integrated, sound sensitive lights. These lights are sensitive on different sounds and therefore act like thunders in the cloud. All together, it is a complete masterpiece.


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