Cities In Spain Which You Must Visit

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According to many people, Spain is the perfect destination for everyone who want to enjoy in their holiday. The cities are offering amazing beauty for everyone who want to spend the whole day on the beautiful beaches, but also there are many places to visit for those people who enjoy in the architecture or in the Spanish food.

Let’s find out which cities are the most beautiful in Spain and what are their characteristics.

1. Barcelona

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You can not mention Spain and not to mention Barcelona. Catalonian pride is a place in which you will fall in love at first sight. The Camp Nou stadium of the FC Barcelona is one of the most visited places here. Thousands tourists are visiting it daily. One of the most mysterious and most beautiful architectures is for sure is Sagrada Familia. Until today, it is still unclear how Gaudi has built it without iron in the construction.

2. Palma

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The capital city of Majorca will conquer you with its beauty. It is a symbol for an amazing white sand beaches, beach walks and surfing. However, those who love the night walks in the center of the city should visit the old part of the city. The small streets and the stone architecture will leave you speechless.

3. Malaga

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This city is mostly known because of the famous artist Pablo Picasso. If you want to go away from the beaches and the nightlife, this is a perfect destination for you. You should definitely visit the museum of Pablo Picasso and the Cervantes theatre.

4. Valencia

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This city is the third largest city in Spain, right after Barcelona and Madrid. The most famous place in this city is the City of Arts and Sciences. This “must visit” place is a large glass building which represents the modern living.

5. Marbella

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People say that Marbella is a city for those who have little more money. It is known for the large and luxurious yachts and cars. However, the old part of the city is like a maze and it is easy for you to get lost. Orange Beach is an amazing place, which is decorated with many orange trees. If you have a nice camera, you can make beautiful pictures here.

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