How Can Jars Help You To Lose Weight?

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Our writes have come into some very interesting article about weight loss. Namely, jars can be really helpful in the process of cutting weights. However, you may be wondering how it is possible? So, in order to find out, check out the examples below.

How Can Jars Help You To Lose Weight?

1. Morning motivation

We are sure that you will love this idea. However, it is more like a game. So, the idea is to cut about 20 stripes of paper and on each one of them you should write some exercise. Put these stripes in one or more jars and place them besides your bed. Therefore, when you get up in the morning, open one of those stripes and read the exercises. Then, you need to do that exercise for 1 minute at least. However, if you feel well, you can do it longer, of course. In addition to this, it is good for you to know that these morning exercises are speeding up our metabolism. So, we will be full with energy and in a good mood for the rest of the day.

How Can Jars Help You To Lose Weight

2. Visualization

For this test, you will need to jars. One should present the kilograms or pounds that you have already lost, and the other will present the ones you want to lose. So, in order to achieve this effect, you should put some balls in the first jar, and add one ball in the second jar every time when you lose one pound or kilogram. This process is very important because you will be able to see your progression.

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3. Money award

This is one of our favorite games. So, the idea is very simple but also very effective. Every time when you will do some partial exercise, put 2 or 5 dollars in the jar. However, put 10 dollars every time when you complete whole training session. Therefore, when the jar will be completely full, take out the money and buy something for yourself as a reward. With this practice, you will motivate yourself to exercise and stay in shape.

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