Burn 100 Calories In 4 Minutes

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Practice these exercises at least once per day in order to remove the excess weight. The famous American fitness coach Jim Saret, has developed this method for fast burning calories. However, these exercises are perfect for those people who do not have time to go to gym. Therefore, by doing these exercises, you can lose up to 100 calories in 4 minutes.

Burn 100 Calories In 4 Minutes

The benefit here is that the exercises are simple and do not require much space. So, you can easily do them at your workplace. Due to the long sitting in front of computer, we often have back pain or headaches. Therefore, these exercises are great for those who spend much time sitting. Plus, there are no rules for how much sets or how many time you should do these exercises during the day. Of course, the best is to do them as much as you can, but in order to stay in some normal shape, once per day is enough. Firstly, do these exercises with friend or partner on order to become your habit.

Burn 100 Calories In 4 Minutes

1. Jumps with raised hands

Try to repeat this exercise at least 10 times. It will strengthen your legs and your lower back.

Burn 100 Calories In 4 Minutes (1)

2. Squats

This exercise is very similar to the previous one. However, this exercise is great for your whole body.

Burn 100 Calories In 4 Minutes (2)

3. Push-ups

Push-ups are the best exercise for the upper body. You will strengthen your arms, shoulders, abs and back. Moreover, there are many variations of this exercise. So, if you do them while your arms are placed in the shoulders width, you will put accent on your triceps. But, if you put them wider than your shoulders, the accent falls on your chest. Try to make at least 10 push-ups. If you get tired after these 10, do not worry. Do them towards a wall in order to be easier for you.

Burn 100 Calories In 4 Minutes (4)

4. Step forward

This exercise is great for the lower body. While standing straight, make one step forward, and kneel with your opposite knee. Alternate your legs after one repetition.

Burn 100 Calories In 4 Minutes (3)

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