Big Pharma’s Pharmaceutical Waste Is Polluting Our Environment

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According to the experts, the pharmaceutical companies are pollution our environment. Many factories are releasing the toxic waste in the rivers, soil and lakes. One of those companies for sure is Big Pharma. It’s pharmaceutical waste is polluting the environment. However, the blame falls on the government, because she is unable to perform enough controls and regulations. The pills and other pharmaceutical products are ending in the water that we drink.


The authorities are ignoring Big Pharma and other similar companies. Therefore, many diseases are recently developed . According to the president of the Environmental Working Group, our chemical safety net has too many holes. In addition, he said that some of these harmful ingredients are ever more dangerous after their breakdown in the environment.

Big Pharma’s Pharmaceutical Waste Is Polluting Our Environment (3)

Are the big companies polluting our environment with their waste?

Some of the harmful ingredients that are banned in USA, have shown up in the past few years. One of them are PCBs. When these toxic chemicals are broken down in the soil, they become even more toxic. Another example is the chlorpyrifos. This insecticide is so toxic that when the animals eat it, it becomes 2,000 times more toxic.

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In addition, scientists did some tests in the Minnesota Zumbro River. They results were surprising. High amount of painkillers that are found in the water. They are causing damage to our liver. Scientists found many antidepressants in the river also. They are destroying the underwater world. They are causing anxiety in the fish and are harming their health. The scary thing is that from year to year this problems becomes bigger and bigger. Many non-governmental organizations are trying to raise the awareness among people about the companies like Big Pharma. Therefore, they are organizing variety of protests across the whole world. However, until now, nothing has changed drastically.

Therefore, the authorities have to make strict controls and in that way they will protect us and our environment.


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