The Big Benefits Of Vitamin B17

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Vitamin B17 is a natural cure for many diseases. There are a lot of controversies when it is mentioned as a cure for cancer. Many people are claiming that they have cured this disease be eating them. Other might tell you that those are just rumors. However, it is up to you to decide if you want to consume it. It is advisable for you to consult with your doctor for any actions that you plan to do. But in the end, as we said, it is just your call.

The big benefits of vitamin B17 (1)

Vitamin B17 can be found in apricot seeds. The fact is that it has many benefits for human health. Because of that, we are presenting 3 points why this vitamin is good for your health.

1. May help in cancer prevention

As we mentioned at the beginning, there are many rumors about effectiveness of vitamin B17. Some of them are suggesting that consuming this vitamin is directly linked to cancer treatment and prevention. Other studies say that vitamin B17 has no effect on cancer. Many alternative medicine practitioners are convinced that this vitamin is crucial if you want to prevent cancer occurrence. A research provided at the Kyung Hee University suggests that the amygdalin, which can be found in vitamin B17, can reduce cancer cells. When the amygdalin extract is combined with cancer cells it reduce them in significant amount. They concluded that this vitamin can be a natural cure for prostate cancer.  Other research suggests that except for bladder related cancers, this vitamin may cure even brain cancer. When combined with certain antioxidant enzymes, this vitamin reduces cancer cells and can even make them disappear completely.

2. Boosts the immune system

The exact way in which vitamin B17 boosts the immune system is still unknown. But, a study published in the International Journal of Radiation and Biology found that it works like a charm. This vitamin induces the white blood cells to attack the harmful cells in a significantly better way and in a statistically bigger ratio. The main theory is that vitamin B17 is making the pancreas to produce certain antioxidant enzymes.These enzymes are searching and destroying harmful cells. The liver is also affected by this vitamin because it contains small doses of cyanide. Now, cyanide in large doses is lethal but in these minimal doses it is thought to eliminate cancer cells and tumors. The acidity of cyanide is the main factor why this vitamin is detoxing your body and eliminating all of the malignant cells.

The big benefits of vitamin B17 (2)

3. Lowers the high blood pressure

Some studies around the world have found out that the laetrile reduces the high blood pressure. But, it is still unknown whether this is a long or short term effect. Once metabolized, this vitamin causes enzyme production which is interconnected with lowering your blood pressure. These enzymes interact with your digestive system. By doing that, as well as detoxing it, they reduce your blood pressure.

Good thing about this ingredient is that it can be combined in smoothies. In the morning, put this ingredient as addition to your favorite smoothie. You will feel the difference right away.

IMPORTANT: Do not take this vitamin if you are currently taking some medications for blood pressure. Also, do not consume this vitamin if you have any heart issues!


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