Why Is It Better To Exercise Before Breakfast?

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In the recent years people are so occupied with work and other stressful stuff, that they often forget about their health. Besides the food, the health of our body is maintained through exercising. However, you should carefully listen your fitness instructor I order to get maximum results from each exercise.

Why Is It Better To Exercise Before Breakfast

When is the best time to exercise?

But, we are sure that many of you asks themselves, which part of the day is the best for exercising. For that reason, we are writing this article. Furthermore, in conversation with many fitness experts, we came to some very interesting conclusions.

Some of you maybe love to start their day with a morning run around the block. Others firstly want to have a good breakfast in order to have more power for the exercises. However, neither of you are doing wrong. But, let’s see which ones are doing better.

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According to the fitness professionals, those people who work out before breakfast can lose 15% more body fat than the others. The research was conducted on 16 male participants. Their task was to do few series of exercises for that particular day. They were divided in 2 groups of 8 people. The first group exercised without eating and the others exercised after the breakfast. After they finished the workouts, all participants were given a milkshake in order to boost the recovery process.

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For lunch, the participants needed to eat pasta until they are comfortably full. The experts were monitoring each one of them. Finally, they have noticed that those who exercised before breakfast did not gain additional fat because they were not so hungry. However, the experts have also found out that those who exercised before breakfast burned 15% more fat than the others.

So, the conclusion is that if you want to lose additional weight, you should better exercise before your breakfast. You will lose the extra fat on your stomach and you will feel energized throughout the day.

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