The Most Beautiful Pool In The World

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According to the Guinness World Records, this pool is the biggest in the world. Regardless the fact that this is the biggest pool, we believe that you have not yet seen pool that is more beautiful. It is located in a hotel in Chile.

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Although we still think that this cannot be compared to a sea, this one may change your thoughts. The private resort ‘San Alfonso de Mar’ in Chile is home to the largest pool in the world! The pool is long more than a kilometer and covers an area of about eight hectares. It contains about 66 million liters of filtered water from the Pacific Ocean. Maximum depth is 35 meters. It is perfect for some water sports such as skiing, jet skiing and diving.

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 A special charm to the entire pool gives its turquoise color. The water temperature is 26 degrees, so swimming here is considerably more comfortable, and safer than in the ocean. It is built in 2006 after 5 years. It is worth an amazing 2 billions of dollars.

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There is a lot of sand around, which makes the same feeling like on a beach. There are also many coffee bars where you can go with your friends and drink some refreshing drink.

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From the hotel, they are constantly organizing many parties and water games throughout the whole day. Your visit there will never be boring because every day there is something new.

This hotel is very famous and you should not be surprised if you see some famous people there. Some of them are returning here for a few times throughout the year.

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If some day you do not want to go to the pool, the hotel is organizing many tours around Chile. There are many beautiful places that you need to see. The tours are lasting for 4-5 hours, so you should better plan your day earlier.


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