The Most Beautiful Places To Visit By Train

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Let’s say that this period of the year you have some free time and you want to use it the best that you can. Many of us have traveled to different places by plane or by car. But, how many of you have traveled somewhere in the world by train? How does it sound?

We will agree that it may sound a little weird, and the first thing that comes to your mind is the time that you need to spend and the known factor that there is a lot of crowd in the trains. However, if you still want to do this, we ensure you that this type of traveling will bring you a lot of memories and friends that will last forever.

In that order, we will propose a few places that are worth visiting by train:

1. The Ghan Expedition in Australia

The Most Beautiful Places To Visit By Train (1)

This train will walk you through the heart of Australia. You will see its amazing places and a lot of animals that live there. On every station, there is possibility to choose another excursion with which you will get known with the whole country. If you go here, do not miss the flying with helicopter above the National Park Kakadu and Nitmiluk.

2. Glacier Express in Switzerland

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This one day sightseeing of the Swiss Alps includes an 8-hour train ride followed by panoramic views of the beautiful nature around. You will see interesting villages and amazing castles that are breathtaking.

3. Orient Express in Paris

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If you want to “catch” this train, you should plan your trip well since this train goes only once in the year. It offers a romantic 6-day experience starting from Paris, through Budapest, Bucharest to Istanbul. With the great music, meals and very relaxing atmosphere, these 6 days will look like 6 hours. Believe us.

4. Eastern and Oriental Express in Bangkok

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This trip last for 4 days and it will be unforgettable. Your view will be dynamic. From urban cities and fast lifestyle, to small and quiet villages, you will wish this journey never ends.

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