The Most Beautiful Lakes You Must Visit!

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Natural lakes are something really special. They have strange power to calm you down, until you watch them. In this article, we have described few of the world’s most beautiful lakes, which are rarely known. Read and enjoy!

1. Bled Lake in Slovenia

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You can find the Bled Lake in the Upper Carniola. It got its name by the Bled Castle. The lake gets additional beauty from the glare of the castle, located in the middle on a rocky island. The place is very popular tourist attraction because of the mystique of the royal view of the castle. It’s a great destination for couples in love, artists and athletes. The lake and its surroundings offer various sports activities like golf, sailing, rowing, etc. Interesting information is that there was once held the World Cup in rowing.

2. Plitvice Lakes in Croatia

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These beautiful lakes are located in Croatia and are declared as a National Park. Three large mountains with amazing nature are surrounding the lakes. The park consists of 16 lakes, caves, mountains and waterfalls.

3. Lake Como in Italy

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Lake Como is located in the beautiful Italy. When the glaciers are melting, they are filling the lake. It is the third largest in the world and the most beautiful lake in Italy. This place is very elite. The lake is surrounded by beautiful and luxurious villas, and many of them are owned by celebrity people. Seen from above, the lake “designed” like the letter “Y”.

4. Lake Geneva in Switzerland and France

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This lake is an amazing natural beauty shared by Switzerland and France. It is the largest lake in Western Europe. 60 % of it is part of Switzerland and the rest, 40% belongs to France. In the middle of it, the river Rhone is passing. On this lake are held yacht races.

5. Loch Lomond in Scotland

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Loch Lomond is the largest natural lake in Scotland. In the Scottish language, the word Loch means lake. This lake beautifully separates the lowlands and highlands of the Scotland. An interesting fact is there are 30 islands on it. It is a famous tourist attraction because you can play some sports there and float on it. According to a survey conducted by “Radio Times”, the lake was declared as fifth world miracle in Britain.

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