The Most Beautiful Beach In Europe

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When the famous website Suitcase Magazine has published the article about the most beautiful beach in Europe, many people were surprised. It is like that because people are used to reading about the beaches in Greece, Spain and about the beaches on the Adriatic Sea. However, the beach about which we will talk today is perfect refreshment from all these well-known destinations. The word is about Rhossili Bay, which is located on the Gauer peninsula.

The Most Beautiful Beach In Europe (1)

This Welsh beauty will really take your breath away. It is the only European beach, which is chosen to be among 10 most beautiful beaches in the world. Therefore, according to the Suitcase Magazine, it is the most beautiful beach in Europe.

Rhossili Bay – The Most Beautiful Beach In Europe

The Rhossili Bay Beach is described as a place with untouched nature. What makes her special are the sand dunes and hills, so it’s not surprising that many Britons choose it for relaxing and enjoying the hot summer days.

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According to the people that are going there, they chose it because of its calming nature and beautiful water. The government is investing heavily in the beaches so they remain clean and sandy. But, Rhossili Bay was not so famous place. However, it got the public attention when its images have appeared on the opening of the London Olympics. Since then, many tourist agencies are offering arrangements here. Therefore, in short notice, the Rhossili Bay gets what it deserves. The epithet of the best beach in Europe.

 The Most Beautiful Beach In Europe

People are saying that while staying here, they have a feeling that they are in paradise. So much beauty and nature in one place is amazing. Besides this, there is much other cool stuff that you can do here. For example, the travel agencies are organizing paragliding and parachute flying. Moreover, whenever you want, you can join a group of tourists that are making sightseeing around.

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So, whatever you do, we promise that you will be truly amazed and you will fall in love with this place. Therefore, if you are still not decided where you want to spend your summer holiday, Rhossili Bay is the perfect place.

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