Beaches That Will Disappear From The Earth

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As summer approaches, we are all starting to plan our holiday. Regardless of whether we are going with our family, friends or our loved ones, summer holiday is a great way to get rest of the work throughout the year. It often happens for us to be in doubt which place to visit this summer. But, can you imagine one of your favorite places to disappear until next summer?  Regardless of the cause, there are several beaches in the world that might disappear. Find out who are they in the text below.

1. Maldives

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According to many relevant factors, Maldives are one of the most beautiful places in the world. It is visited by many tourists throughout the year. Many luxury hotels and restaurants are built that attract many rich people. However, due to the climate change and global warming, it may not last long. The sea level is rising and the whole land can soon be under water.

On the other side, according to some geologists, the islands made from corals can regenerate faster because of the rise in the sea level. We would not leave that on predictions and as soon as you collect enough money, we suggest you to visit this amazing island.

 2. Goa

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This beautiful beach is located in India. It is not that famous due to the large number of temples and chamber that make this country famous around the world. Everyone is focused on these historical landmarks and no one is paying attention on the beaches. 30 % of the coastline is in danger due to the rise in the sea level. It is the most dangerous for the exotic beach Goa. It is famous as a hippie enclave and fashionable tourist resort. On this beach, 10-15 meters of the land are already missing. People there are saying that this is due to the massive construction of large harbors.

3. Mullins Bay, Barbados

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Barbados is a country that depends of tourism. Large part of the beaches is affected by the coastal erosion. The authorities there are aware of this situation and are trying to find a way to save them. The local people are blaming the government and the agencies that have built many hotels and resorts with which they have caused the erosion. On the other side, the governmental institutions are blaming the global warming as factor for the occurrence of the coastal erosion

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