Baking Soda – Pharmaceutical Industry’s largest enemy

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As we all know, baking soda is one of the greatest natural remedies. However, the pharmaceutical industry will never admit that something very cheap can replace the expensive remedies. The business with remedies is so expanded that it is hard to stop them. According to the experts, there are relevant evidences that baking soda can cure many diseases. Moreover, it should be primary and universal medicine for the diseases.

Baking Soda - Pharmaceutical Industry's largest enemy

This healthy ingredient is used for treatment for many serious diseases for decades. Furthermore, doctors themselves are recommending it for home prevention and treatment of diseases like cancer and diabetes.

Now, let’s take a look at the benefits of baking soda

The pH value in our body has large impact on our health. So, if the pH value is too low, it leads to many health issues. In many cases, it can lead to some serious diseases such as cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular problems. For that reason you should consume this healthy ingredient. It balances the pH values in our body and is responsible for transporting the oxygen in it.

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On the other hand, it prevents the infection of the bladder, improves the kidney function and protects us from fever. The great thing is if you drink it combined with fresh lemon juice. It will protect you from flu, fever and other diseases. In addition, if you consume soda and magnesium chloride you can be sure that you have great treatment. When these ingredients are combined together, they cleanse the body from toxins successfully. You should consume it for about 2-4 months and then make a brake for about 2 months.

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In addition to the internal use, you can use baking soda for external purpose. For example, you can treat the warts with it. Put small amount of water on clean cloth and put one teaspoon of soda. Then, rub the warts gently few times a day.

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