Artificial Flavors Are Making You To Hate Healthy Food

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Nowadays, different kind of artificial flavors are added to almost every food that we eat. They are indeed the most powerful ingredients that make up our diet. Because of that, the author Mark Schatzker has analyzed the impact of these flavors in his new book: The Dorito Effect.

Artificial flavors are making you to hate healthy food (2)

He says that nature itself never programmed our bodies to get fat and that we did that to ourselves by craving the wrong foods. The synthetic flavors that are added in foods make them more appealing and desirable while whole foods are losing their flavor. He believes that making food more durable and making it more colorful has ruined their taste. By breaking the barrier between nutrition and flavor and making them artificially, we have created foods that tell a nutritional lie.

Ever since the prehistoric era we were craving food that was rich in color, and tasted nice. For example, berries have a high amount of vitamin C and when we would want berries, our minds subconsciously told us that we were lacking that particular vitamin. Nowadays, rather than berries we drink berry flavored fizzy drinks and fool our minds that we have replenished the vitamin whilst making the situation worse. We receive a sugar bomb, we feel better, but our organism is getting worse day by day.

Artificial flavors are making you to hate healthy food (1)

Kids are being fed artificial flavors whilst never tasting real fruit. They are eating strawberry flavored ice cream but they don’t know what real strawberries taste like. They are only used to the artificial goo that is in the candy they eat, and the flavored yogurts they drink.

Schatzker talks about his experience with flavors. He says that he stopped adding sugar to coffee not to decrease the amount of sugar that he eats, but to increase the flavor of the coffee and enjoy it more. In fact, he says that the more you eat natural, raw sugars and salts in fruits and vegetables, the quicker you will realize that they are better, sweeter and saltier than all of the artificial ones.

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