Are You Sensitive To Gluten?

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Often, when you have Celiac disease or some other symptoms, you think that you are gluten intolerant. But, there are big chances that this is not true. According to the scientists, many wheat related products are provoked by the herbicides that are used for these crops.

Are You Sensitive To Gluten

Monsanto has placed his favorite product on the market and he got great popularity and use. The word is about their most famous product, Roundup. The farmers around the world are using Roundup on their crops for more reasons.

Namely, the Roundup dries out the wheat which makes the harvesting more easier to be done. In addition, it causes the wheat to release the seeds more earlier which results in higher yields. Unfortunately, by doing this, the Roundup will be absorbed by the part of the wheat that we eat in our food.

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This is a common practice among the farmers in America and the rest part of the world. Although, this is not a licensed practice.  Many of the farmers know the harmful effects of this herbicide, but they use it anyway claiming that they have higher yields.

Since this herbicide was released to the public, it has been used by many farmers. The research results of the United States Agricultural Department (USAD) are terrifying. Namely, 61% of the winter wheat and 97% of the spring wheat crops are sprayed with this herbicide. Also, 99% of the drum wheat is considered to be sprayed with Roundup.

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In the recent time, Roundup and other similar products are considered to be the cause of numerous diseases among people. The best for you is to try to avoid this type of food. You should eat more organic and natural food products. In that way, you will notice the benefits for your health.

Our recommendation for you is to try Einkorn wheat which has not been hybridized and is low in gluten

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