Antibiotics Free Meat To Hit The Shelves

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Everyone knows that nowadays meat is processed and intensively farmed. Basically, all of the animals are pumped with a lot of growth hormone and many different chemicals in order to produce a lot of meat in a short period of time. Besides that, almost all of the meat we eat has been pumped with antibiotics for a long period of time.

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Many people do not like the idea of eating a poorly raised animal. The truth is, these antibiotics are applied in sub-therapeutic doses and they improve feed conversion efficiency. Animals might be injected with carbadox, bambermycin or penicillin in order to make them bigger. The antibiotics are entering in our body as they are entering in our food chain.

You might think that thanks to these antibiotics your immune system will be improved and you will not get sick. But this is just one big lie. These antibiotics are entering our bodies and they are harming our immune system, making it less resistant to bacteria. If we become immune to these medications then we might start dying from common infections.

The good news is that Karro, one of the biggest manufacturers of processed meat in the UK, has announced the antibiotic free trademark. This means that packages of meat will now come with images that will show that the animal was not treated with antibiotics during its lifetime. So, people will have a chance to see that the meat they choose to eat is healthier.

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Maybe you will see this like a new, innovative idea. But Sweden has banned these antibiotics in 1986 and the usage of them in Denmark has been dropping drastically over the last 20 years.

This breakthrough will have an influence on a lot of people. We can finally eat meat with a healthy conscience and not worry so much about the consequences. As a matter of fact, this will certainly be a stepping stone towards further improving the food we eat on a day to day basis.

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