Adjust Your Nutrition According Your Body Shape

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The shape of your body affects how you look, how you get your weight or whether you reducing them with ease or fairly difficult. Your body shape should be the first thing on your mind when you decide to go in the gym. Moreover, this is very important in order to stay healthy and have quality life. Besides that, the nutrition plays major role in the whole process.

Adjust Your Nutrition According Your Body Shape

Adjust Your Nutrition According Your Body Shape

So, find your body shape and adjust your nutrition in order to have the best results. In the continuation, we will help you to reveal in which body group do you belong.

1. Pillar-shaped body

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You have narrow hips, undefined waist and you pretty flat. So, with this shape of your body, you are not likely to gain weight more than necessary. However, you should include healthy fats in your diet as much as possible. In order to do that, you need to eat more almonds, avocados, salmon and other types of proteins. Avoid the imminent food and excessive amounts of sweets, because although you are slim, you should eat healthy.

2. Pear-shaped body

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People who belong in this group have have curves in the lower part of the body, rather than at the top. So, due to the water retention problem in the body, you are getting fatter in this section. In order to avoid this problem, you should consume more meat, eggs, fish and other type of food that is very rich in proteins. Furthermore, perfect fruits for you are watermelon and pineapple because they will release the toxins from your body. Moreover, the green tea is also great for your body type. However, in order to completely succeed in your intention, you should avoid white bread, rice and pasta.

3. Apple-shaped body

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Unfortunately, this type is gaining weight very easily and it is very hard for them to reduce it. Therefore, eating small meals more frequently is the best choice for you. Foods rich in dietary fiber, fruits, vegetables, vitamin C and dairy products with low fat are required in your diet. But, you should definitely avoid bread and some vegetables that you feel uncomfortable after eating it.

Besides nutrition, exercising plays major role in getting the body of your dreams. Therefore, adjust you food according your body type and start exercising now. You will be amazed from the results.

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