Acupressure Points On The Body

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Did you know that on our hands and feet there are points that are associated with all vital organs in our body? When we stimulate these points, we actually massage the internal organs and increase the flow of the vital energy through the body that makes us healthier. Once upon a time, the acupressure has naturally occurred as people were walking barefoot on the sand, grass and rocks.

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Acupressure is a technique of applying pressure to specific points on the body in order to help the body to heal from diseases and maintain balance. In our body there is bioelectricity that provides us with energy in order our organs to be well balanced. In every finger of both hands there are running networks of meridians, extends throughout the body and ends at the tips of the toes. If the meridians are flow, energy and electricity will flow freely, and all organs will receive the needed energy for optimal performance. If for some reason the flow is distracted, the energy cannot reach all the organs, which leads to disturbances in the body, and after a while, some disease may occur.

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At our feet and palms there are “switches” for all of our body parts and vital organs. At the tips of the fingers there are the main points for the brain, eyes, sinuses and ears. At the top of the feet and palms there are points for the upper part of the body, and on the bottom of the feet and hands are the points for the lower body.

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In order to maintain our health at an optimal level and activate the energy, it would be the best if you massage your feet and hands every morning. The ideal would be if you can to devote few minutes for each foot and hand. The pressure should be strong, but not too strong.

If during the massage you feel any acute pain, such as toothache or headache, the pressure on this point should be done continuously for at least four minutes.

The method of acupressure is really simple, but the benefits that your body gets her are priceless!

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